There’s much more to feta than that one viral pasta (you know the one). Our favorite feta cheese recipes range from classic Greek salad to catch-all frittatas—the crumbly, bracing-in-a-good-way cheese adds briny, salty flavor to everything it touches. The textural possibilities are nearly infinite: Like halloumi and paneer, feta holds its own on the heat—coat planks in sesame and turn it into a steak-knife-worthy main, or fry cubes to make crispy salad croutons. Or take it for a whiz in the food processor to turn it smooth and creamy, ideal for dipping or spreading. And let’s not underestimate the power of a few crumbles to upgrade any salad. Whether you need a last-minute appetizer (it doesn’t get much easier than marinated olives and feta), a weeknight-friendly main dish (crumble feta over harissa-roasted chicken thighs), or even a dessert (okay, maybe not), a block of feta is your adaptable answer. And yes, we have our own version of that baked feta pasta too.

One last note: For most of these recipes, we recommend using feta in brine, which is fresher and more flavorful than the pre-crumbled tubs. Okay, let’s get to it:

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