Stop worrying about scratches with these excellent screen protectors

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is an impressive foldable phone that offers a lot of features and has earned its place among the best Samsung phones. It has a beautiful primary display and a handy cover screen that shows notifications, quick settings, and more. It also has a more durable design than its predecessor and can withstand everyday use. But even with the improvements, the Z Flip 4 is not immune to scratches and damage.

While an excellent Z Flip 4 case will greatly help, protecting your phone with a screen protector is also essential. Samsung already provides a screen protector for the primary display, but you may want to replace it with a better one or get a new one if it wears off. You also need a screen protector for the cover screen, which doesn’t have any protection out of the box.

There are many screen protectors available for the Z Flip 4, but not all of them are worth your money. To help you find the best ones, here are our handpicked recommendations.

  • Whitestone Dome Premium GEN Film For Galaxy Z Flip 4

    Best overall

    Unlike Whitestone’s popular glass-based screen protectors for other phones, this screen guard uses polyethylene terephthalate (PET) material to better suit the foldable nature of the Z Flip 4. As a result, it works well and protects your precious foldable phone from scratches and other blemishes. Thanks to the included tools and a helpful guide on YouTube, installing the Whitestone GEN Film is relatively easy – so long as you follow the instructions carefully.

  • ZAGG InvisibleShield Fusion Eco For Galaxy Z Flip 4

    Premium pick

    Fusion Eco is an all-new cover screen protector from ZAGG InvisibleShield that uses flexible bioplastic material. Although it’s not glass, it feels as smooth and clear as glass. It’s also great at safeguarding the screen from scratches and can absorb and disperse the force of an impact. In addition, the company has treated the screen protector with an anti-microbial solution to stop the growth of odor-causing bacteria and other germs that may harm the protector.

  • Supershieldz Screen Protector For Galaxy Z Flip 4

    Best value

    If you are looking for an affordable yet solid screen protector for the Z Flip 4, you can’t go wrong with this TPU film from Supershieldz. At $8 for a two-pack, it’s great value for money. The Supershieldz Screen Protector is meant for Z Flip 4’s primary screen and provides protection against scratches and other minor scrapes. It’s also easy to install and maintain the screen’s touch sensitivity and clarity. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t bundle a cover screen protector in the kit.

  • Ringke Cover Display Glass For Galaxy Z Flip 4

    Tempered glass

    With this handy three-pack from Ringke, you get three high-quality tempered glass protectors for your Galaxy Z Flip 4’s cover screen. You can use one and distribute the rest among friends and family or keep the spares for future use. Rated for 9H hardness, the tempered glass will safeguard the 1.9-inch Super AMOLED display from abrasions and scratches. Plus, the curved edges of the glass ensure a smooth look and feel while interacting with the display.

  • Spigen GlasTR EZ Fit For Galaxy Z Flip 4

    One of the most appealing traits of the Flip 4 is the way it looks, and ruining the design with a poorly aligned cover screen protector isn’t an option. Thankfully, Spigen’s EZ Fit protector has an alignment tool that clips onto the device and ensures the screen protector fits just right. Beyond aesthetics, this alignment guarantees that your case will fit on the phone without interfering with the protector.

  • Whitestone EZ Glass For Galaxy Z Flip 4

    $10 $13 Save

    Besides its Premium GEN Film, which is made of PET material, Whitestone offers a tempered glass protector. But it’s designed for the Flip 4’s cover screen and keeps it safe from dents, scrapes, and other blemishes. The glass protector also doubles as a mirror when the display is turned off. So if you often need a mirror, this can come in handy. A PET hinge film accompanies the tempered glass, but you’ll be better off not using it.

  • ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Screen Protector For Galaxy Z Flip 4

    ArmorSuit makes high-quality TPU screen protectors for smartphones, and its MilitaryShield Clear Film for the Z Flip 4 is no exception. It includes screen protectors for both displays, which are great at keeping scratches, scrapes, and dents at bay. The ArmorSuit offering also comes with self-healing technology, like most TPU-based protectors, so it can recover from minor abrasions over time.And you will be happy to know that the MilitaryShield screen protector is backed by a lifetime replacement warranty.

  • Ringke Dual Easy Film For Galaxy Z Flip 4

    The Ringke Dual Easy Film is another solid option if you are looking to safeguard the primary screen of your new foldable. It protects the delicate foldable screen from scratches and scrapes without compromising sensitivity or clarity. Like the Whitestone Dome Premium Film, the Ringke Dual Easy Film also has self-healing properties and can automatically repair minor scratches to keep its crystal-clear look for a long time. In other highlights, the company has included an oleophobic coating to repel smudges.

  • amFilm Elastic Skin For Galaxy Z Flip 4

    amFilm’s Elastic Skin is one of the most affordable TPU screen protectors for your clamshell foldable. It’s meant for the primary screen of the phone and keeps it protected from scratches and dents. With fingernails able to leave marks on the Z Flip 4’s main display, extra protection is undoubtedly necessary. Plus, the Elastic Skin is self-healing, which means it will recover from minor abrasions over time.

  • Skinomi MatteSkin For Galaxy Z Flip 4

    This made-in-the-USA screen protector from Skinomi is an excellent option for anyone who prefers a matte finish over glossy. Made using TPU material, it reduces glare and makes it easy to see the screen in high-brightness environments. Besides, it’ll keep the screen safe from everyday mishaps, including scratches and punctures. The wet-install method of the MatteSkin can feel slightly tricky, but it allows you to fix your mistakes and set the protector perfectly on the phone.

  • Watache Cover Screen Protector For Galaxy Z Flip 4

    This Watache offering is a great option for your Galaxy Z Flip 4. It’s not just a cover screen protector but also a camera guard, which keeps two of the most fragile things on the outside of the Z Flip 4 safe. The camera lens ring cover protects your lenses from scratches and dust, and the glass screen protector shields your cover screen from cracks and fingerprints. The Watache screen protector is also easy to install and remove.

  • RinoGear Shield Screen Protector For Galaxy Z Flip 4

    The RinoGear Shield Screen Protector is designed for your Galaxy Z Flip 4’s cover screen. It’s made of flexible and durable TPU material with self-healing technology and can repair minor scratches and scuffs over time. The RinoGear offering also comes in a pack of two, so you have a backup in case you need it. Moreover, it doesn’t hamper the clarity or touch sensitivity of the screen. Unfortunately, it uses the wet install method, which can be tricky for some people.

Protect your foldable from the pesky scratches

There is a decent selection of screen guards for the Galaxy Z Flip 4. Many popular accessory makers have released their offerings, and if you want screen protectors for both of the Z Flip 4’s displays, the Premium Gen Film from Whitestone is a good option. It’s reasonably priced and will keep the displays free from blemishes.

In other options, Zagg’s Fusion Eco is perfect for adding much-needed protection to the cover display. It’s made out of a hybrid polymer that uses plant-based materials but still delivers solid scratch and impact protection.

Value-conscious buyers will like the SuperShieldz offering. It’s affordable and includes two screen protectors for the primary screen. So if you mess up installation the first time, you have a spare to get it right.

Why is it hard to find quality Galaxy Z Flip 4 screen protectors?

Making screen protectors for foldable screens is challenging. That’s why you’ll find offerings from many prominent names in the screen protector space often rated very low on Amazon. This is because the foldable phone screen protectors need to be specially designed to withstand the constant opening and closing of the flexible display and its crease. So if a manufacturer hasn’t accounted for this, its screen guard will undoubtedly deliver an inferior performance.

But even if you pick up one of our recommendations, you must be very careful while installing it. If you don’t follow the manufacturer’s instructions, you’ll likely end up with bubbles, or the screen protector will start peeling off in a few days. Also, it’s always a good idea to leave the phone alone for half an hour or more for the adhesive to set. If you think you’ll have trouble installing a Z Flip 4 screen protector, it’s better to reach out to Samsung for an official screen guard with a professional installation.

Where are the tempered glass screen protectors?

While tempered glass offers improved impact resistance, it doesn’t play well with foldable screens yet. Although tempered glass screen protectors are available for the Z Flip 4’s cover screen, the main folding display will have to stick to films for the foreseeable future. (Yes, someone made a two-piece tempered glass screen protector for the Z Flip 4, but it has a big gap in the middle.) Given that you can close the screen when not in use and that there’s a lip around the edges of the screen, you ideally shouldn’t need that extra impact protection, just a scratch guard.

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