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Google Pixel Buds Pro

$140 $200 Save $60

With superior sonics, strong active noise cancelation (with an added perk of transparency mode for spatial awareness), and excellent battery life, the Pixel Buds Pro are proof that Google’s finally learned how to deliver a premium listening experience. Now at $140 a pair, you can see and hear the Google difference for way less.

Unlike the Google Pixel phones that have long made their mark in the smartphone space, the Google Pixel Buds line still has a ways to go in terms of street cred. It wasn’t until the company released the Pixel Buds Pro that Google proved it could indeed produce a decent pair of wireless earbuds worth splurging for. In fact, the Buds Pro even made it to our list of best wireless earbuds, largely due to their ease of use and all-around superior sonics.

At $200 a pair, though, they’re hardly wallet-friendly. If that price tag was holding you back from making a purchase, you might want to take advantage of the ongoing Amazon sale that brings down the cost to just $140, the same price as one of the best cheap true wireless earbuds in our book.

Why the Google Pixel Buds Pro are worth buying

There’s a reason why the Pixel Buds Pro are a mainstay in our list of the best wireless earbuds. They’re head and shoulders above their predecessors in pretty much every category, from sound quality to comfort to battery life to even the design. They come with custom 11mm speaker drivers and Volume EQ, meaning the sound is consistently great no matter the loudness. They also have active noise cancelation with Silent Seal to block out any distracting noise, but there’s a transparency mode available that allows for situational awareness. Switching to this mode helps you remain in tune with what’s happening around you.

If you often make calls, you can rest assured that your voice will be heard on the other side clearly even during the windiest of situations, thanks to features like beamforming mics, a voice accelerometer, and wind-blocking mesh covers. If you’re juggling between multiple devices, switching between them is seamless, too. And if you often ham it out at the gym, these earbuds will remain intact as they’re IPX4-rated water-resistant and splash-proof. They last nearly all day as well, delivering up to 11 hours on a single charge, which you can extend up to 31 hours with the accompanying charging case. You can charge them wirelessly via a Google Pixel Stand, or any other Qi-certified wireless earbud charger, really.

Now that the Pixel Buds Pro are on sale for $140, you can enjoy a premium listening experience for way less.

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