As a perpetually hot sleeper, I’m convinced that the best sleep of my life awaits me in one of those novelty ice-carved hotel suites where a thermostat set to “cold enough to blow smoke” sends me into instant hibernation mode. This affinity for cool sleeping conditions makes for a strenuous bed sheet selection process. Is the material seasonal or suitable for year-round use? Can any claims of body temperature-regulating abilities withstand night sweats?

Plenty of brands tout magical cooling capabilities woven into the fibers of their bedding as a solution for sweaty sleepers like myself. Because I can never own enough moisture-wicking sheets, I’m willing to experiment with as many options as possible. The latest challenger to take on my desire to sleep in what resembles a fancy, refrigerated nook with potted plants and snacks? Quince European Linen Sheets. Read on to see what happened after I slept on and washed the linens over the past few months.

Quince European Linen Sheet Set 

Quince’s sheets are woven from 100 percent European, OEKO-TEX certified flax, which is known to be highly absorbent, moisture-wicking, and biodegradable. The set comes with two pillowcases, a top sheet, and a fitted one that’s deep pocketed and can accommodate mattresses up to 16 inches high. Of the 19 available colorways, there are multiple soothing solid shades along with a couple of striped patterns, including the rich Terracotta/White Stripe combo I chose. Currently marked down to $129, the European flax linen sheets retail for $239, which falls on the lower end of the pricing spectrum compared to Parachute’s set ($329 with a top sheet add-on) and West Elm’s $228 set, which retail for $269.  

The Fit & Feel

 I prefer my bed to look a little lived in, so the casual fit of the Quince European Linen worked perfectly: while the fitted sheet isn’t taut, it still remained securely in place despite all my tossing and turning. As for the universal claim of sheets softening with every wash, the Quince European Linen set definitely lived up to the hype. Every time I removed them from the dryer, they felt like a warm, fluffy invitation to nap on the spot (one that I gladly accepted). In fact, I enjoyed the softness so much that I neglected my other sheets and slept on the Quince set for two months straight, only removing them for weekly washes. To date, I have yet to encounter any shrinking, piling, fraying, excessive wrinkling, or any other signs of duress.

The Cooling Capabilities

I’m happy to report that the European flax is indeed cool and extremely breathable, and remained dry and soft throughout several balmy nights. While the sheets certainly aren’t heavy, they’re on the weightier side (for linen), so when I felt myself getting a bit on the warm side, I simply swapped my down alternative duvet for an alpaca blanket, and the linens were just as comfortable.

Our Take

From a collector of cool sheets, the Quince set easily met all my expectations, so much that they’ve spent far more time on my bed than in the linen closet. Warm sleepers may want to trade in heavier coverings or skip them altogether and simply sleep under the top sheet. In either case, expect less overheating and more sweat-free nights.  

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