Key points

  • Families could pay as much as 150% more when adding a teen driver to an auto insurance policy.
  • It’s cheaper to add the teen to a parent’s policy than to get standalone coverage.
  • Good student discounts could be helpful in reducing the cost of insuring a teen.

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Insuring a teen driver is undoubtedly a huge financial burden. Although costs can vary, industry estimates suggest that adding a teen driver to an auto insurance policy increases the cost of auto insurance by about 150%, with a motorist paying $1,000 annual premiums seeing the policy cost jump to $2,500.

This is expensive for anyone to bear, and it may leave parents and teens wondering if it’s even possible to get affordable insurance for younger motorists. The sad reality is, it’s hard to get cheap auto insurance for teens because they are seen as a higher-risk customer for insurance companies. This is because, due to inexperience, young drivers are more likely to become involved in collisions. But, there are steps that policyholders can take to try to make insurance as cheap as possible.

Here’s what to do to try to reduce the huge expenses associated with getting car insurance for a younger motorist.

Try to add a teen driver to an existing policy

Teens can typically be added to a parent’s car insurance policy or a separate standalone policy could be purchased. The latter option is much more expensive. In fact, while adding a teen to a parent’s policy might add about $225 to $300 monthly to the premiums, a standalone policy for a younger driver would typically be about $450 or more per month.

It is not always possible for a teen to be added to an adult driver’s policy. Their parents must be willing and able to do that. But, if it is an available option, it’s usually the best approach to get affordable coverage.

Take advantage of good student discounts if possible

Looking for discounts on coverage is another way to find affordable insurance for teen drivers. And one discount many insurers offer is a discount for good students. This is often defined as having a GPA of at least a 3.00 or a B average, although it’s a good idea to check with individual carriers.

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A good student discount can result in premium savings of around 14% on average, although the exact savings varies by insurer. The ability to save money on insurance should be a good incentive to help kids keep their grades up.

Consider having the teen take a driver’s education course

Another way to score a discount would be to have the young driver take a driver’s education course. Completing a driver’s education course can result in savings of around 5% to 20%, depending on the insurance carrier.

Driver’s education courses are offered by local schools in many cases, but teens may also be able to find classes outside of school in their area. Check with an insurer to find out what driver’s ed programs will open up the door to discounted premiums.

Shop around carefully for coverage

Finally, it is important to shop around for coverage for teen drivers, as the premium charges can vary from one carrier to the next. It’s easy to get quotes online, both for teens as well as for a new policy for parents that has a teen included on it. By taking the time to get at least three or four quotes from the best car insurers for teen drivers, parents and teens can make sure they are paying the lowest premiums possible.

Each of these steps can help reduce the cost of insurance coverage that can be very expensive. Just remember, the price of being underinsured can be a financial disaster, so don’t skimp on coverage to try to save money when insuring a teen driver.

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