Key events

10 mins: Play continues and Sweden attack down the right with Angeldal sending over a cross that South Africa don’t deal with. The Swedes regroup down the left but the second delivery into the area is overhit and skids out for a goal kick.

8 mins: An early scare for South Africa with Magala down clutching her left leg.

6 mins: South Africa scrap hard for possession in midfield and Gamede frees Seoposenwe in behind on the right. The Monterrey forward does well to stand up the Sweden defence and curl over a dangerous cross, but after bouncing in the area, a half-chance slapshot is belted high and wide. Encouraging from the underdogs.

4 mins: Sweden are very composed on the ball, knocking it around precisely. South Africa have dropped into a low block, defending with 11 players in their own half. The Swedes are looking to draw Banyana Banyana out of their shape and dab over balls into the channels. The first effort found Kaneryd on the burst, the second a sloppy offside.

2 mins: Sweden in possession immediately, passing the ball around neatly at a moderate tempo, just testing out the conditions and inviting as many players in yellow a touch of the ball. The first attacking dart comes down the right from Kaneryd but it’s too high for her onrushing teammates.


The opening match in Group G is under way…

Both teams stand proudly for their national anthems as rain buckets down, glimmering in the floodlights. In one positive, the wind has abated. Kick-off imminent.

Conditions are increasingly grim in Wellington, and that is reflected in a sparsely populated Cake Tin (the affectionate local name for the Wellington Regional Stadium). But rain, hail, or shine, the show must go on. And here come the teams out into the wind and rain.

How are The Guardian’s pre-tournament predictions looking after a few matches?

Struggling to keep up with all the World Cup action? Fear not, Women’s Football Weekly has you covered in podcast form.

The on-field officials today are all from the USA. Ekaterina Koroleva will blow the whistle, and talk to the crowd. Kathryn Nesbitt and Felisha Mariscal will run the line.

South Africa’s team building sessions look fun.

Sweden’s game faces are strong.

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