Create stunning, professional-quality images with the best Lightroom presets of 2023. Add a dash of elegance and a touch of magic to your photos.

If you’re looking for the best Lightroom presets, you’ve come to the right place. Given the number of available options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed – or even worse, buy a pack of presets that you’ll never use.

To help you navigate the wide market of Lightroom presets, we’ve put together a selection of the best quality packs (to fit many different needs).

So read on to discover the 19 best preset packs in 2023!

Fine art photographer Jan Erik Waider offers a bundle of eight Lightroom preset packs, designed for different landscapes. Some target physical locations, such as polar or forest landscapes. Others offer a specific aesthetic, such as cinematic or dark and dramatic.

These professional presets allow customization so you can “develop a repeatable personal style.” In addition to the eight preset packs, the bundle includes a surprise pack and will give you access to all future preset releases.

Of course, if you’re not interested in the entire bundle, you can also purchase the packs individually.

The Clean Edit Portrait Workflow presets, created by Pretty Presets, are a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their portrait photography. With a collection of 35 presets and some fantastic bonuses like portrait brushes, these presets offer an entire workflow system that guarantees professional-looking results.

No matter what type of portrait you’re working with, these presets have got you covered. They bring out vibrant colors while maintaining a natural and realistic look. Whether you’re shooting on a cloudy day or during golden hour, the Clean Edit Portrait Workflow presets will make your portraits look amazing.

This free pack of presets from will add vibrancy to your urban night photography. It’s part of the Night bundle, which includes more than 300 free presets.

Night Leaks work best on night scenes where there’s artificial lighting, such as street lights. They’re designed to give you a colorful and vibrant effect with clear tonal contrast.

If you want to add a touch of atmosphere and mood to your photos, look no further than the Dark Moody Lightroom Presets by Fix the Photo. These presets are perfect for all kinds of images, whether it’s portraits, weddings, landscapes, or even street photography.

With a collection of 40 amazing presets, this pack is designed to give your photos that captivating and cinematic look that everyone loves. The presets create a moody vibe that adds depth and emotion to your images. And as a bonus, you also get 60 sepia presets for those vintage-inspired edits.

These Golden Hour Lightroom presets are perfect for portrait photographers who organize outdoor sessions. We all know that golden hour offers beautiful light for your photos. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to schedule your clients around that time.

KatherineDream offers 15 Lightroom presets for mobile and desktop that will give your photos those beautiful, warm, golden-hour tones. And on her Etsy shop, KatherineDream offers multiple other packs (and often puts her presets on sale!).

If you’re searching for presets that can effortlessly add a touch of warmth and faded tones to your photos, look no further than the Zion Presets by Meridian. This incredible pack includes 16 stunning presets that will instantly elevate the look of your portrait and wedding shots.

What sets the Zion Presets apart is their ability to create a sense of instant refinement. The warm colors and faded tones they produce give your images a cinematic quality, making them look like stills from a movie.

Whether you’re a professional photographer or an avid enthusiast, the Zion Presets will take your photos to new heights. With just a few clicks, you can transform your ordinary shots into breathtaking masterpieces that evoke a sense of nostalgia and charm!

The All-In-One Lightroom Preset Bundle is perfect for beginner photographers. If you don’t have a field of specialization and you’re still figuring out your style, you’ll find 90 helpful presets to choose from.

The Bundle includes presets for everything: beach shooting, indoor photography, food photos, portrait photos, black and white photos, and moody photos. In other words, the All In One Bundle offers everything a beginner could need – and it even comes with a handy how-to guide!

If you’re craving that warm, nostalgic feel in your photos, look no further than the Adventure Everyday presets by Mastin Labs. While this pack may seem small – it only includes three presets – trust me when I say that they pack a punch.

These presets are designed to give your portraits, landscapes, and travel shots a captivating, filmic look. They effortlessly transform your images into inviting and cozy scenes that you won’t be able to resist. Once you start using these presets, you’ll find yourself constantly reaching for them to enhance your everyday adventures.

If you’re a wedding photographer, then you know how important it is to have an automated workflow that delivers consistent results.

This Boho Wedding preset bundle offers ten one-click presets; they’re easy to adjust, plus they come with an installation guide PDF and video. And they create a creamy warm tone that improves the overall ambiance of your pictures.

Most winter presets only add a cool tone to your images – but the Winter Wonderland Preset Collection offers a uniquely well-rounded solution for a winter look.

This bundle offers 32 presets and 5 brushes to create snowy and winter images, no matter the weather forecast. All the presets are customizable, and an instruction guide and video tutorial are included in the download.

Unlike other presets that are based on subject matter or mood, the Crush Pack is designed for light. Each preset is tailored to a specific lighting scenario so that you always know which to apply.

Whether it is soft or hard light, backlight or flash, there’s a preset to improve your picture, delivering a “bold and vivid style that maintains the skin tone.” You can buy the Crush Pack on its own, or bundled with the Retouching Toolkit for a special discounted price.

This is a starter pack from BeArt Presets and includes 10 presets that can be applied to all types of photographs, from food to portraits.

The download includes two sets of presets: one set for mobile and one set for desktop. And once you determine which preset styles you’re after, there’s a shop with more specialized presets for sale.

These presets are designed for a grungy look that creates contrasty, detailed images and is especially suited for urban photography.

You’ll be able to choose between color, black and white, and three different tones to “make your images jump off the screen.”

If you’re looking for a pack of Lightroom presets to make your images stand out, the Color Pop presets are exactly what you need. You get 20 different presets designed to boost the color of any photograph and make your images look vibrant and fresh.

The files come in three different formats for maximum compatibility. And if you’re impressed and you want more, also offers a bundle with all 1000 of their presets.

Looking to add a touch of nostalgia and timeless beauty to your photos? The Film Effect Lightroom Presets by Fix the Photo is here to make your images shine. With 30 high-quality presets inspired by the charm of film photography, your photos will exude warmth and a hint of summer in the 1980s.

These presets are perfect for enhancing portrait shots, giving them a touch of vintage elegance. But don’t limit yourself! Feel free to experiment and apply these presets to your travel images for a nostalgic effect. Even your adorable pet photos can benefit from a bit of classic monochrome editing using the 70 bonus black-and-white presets included in the pack.

This free preset pack offers ten Lightroom presets designed to adjust the light balance and color tones while boosting saturation, luminosity, and contrast. You can find the preset that matches your style and subject and apply it with just one click.

And if you like what you see, Fix the Photo has a store with a wide variety of LR presets, PS actions, LUTs, overlays, and more.

Nathan Elson is a professional photographer who specializes in portrait, fashion, commercial, and architecture photography; his very defined style inspired this preset collection.

The download includes six color profiles and ten custom-built presets that “create cinematic images to push your photography to the next level.”

Designed for complete beginners, the Prolost preset pack includes over 600 presets for you to choose from.

Each effect comes in different intensities; that way, you only need to hover over each preset to preview different results. If you like an effect, you click to apply. And because the pack already comes with plenty of variations, no customization is required.

If you’re passionate about black and white photography, you’ll be thrilled with the Artisan B&W Lightroom presets from Mastin Labs. These presets are a game-changer when it comes to creating stunning monochrome images that stand the test of time.

With just three carefully crafted presets, you’ll be able to transform your black-and-white photos into masterpieces. The presets work their magic on portraits, landscapes, and even street photos, giving each image a timeless and captivating appeal.

Whether you want to add depth and drama to your subjects or bring out the intricate details in your landscapes, the Artisan B&W presets have got you covered. They’re designed to enhance contrast, highlight textures, and bring out the essence of black-and-white photography.

How do you pick the right presets?

There isn’t one perfect preset that will fit every photograph. There are, however, presets that will be more fitting for your workflow. So given the many choices available on the market, how do you choose?

First of all, look at the quality of the work from the creator and what they’re offering. Any adjustment can technically be turned into a preset, so you’ll run into a lot of useless downloads. Some websites or blogs offer a freebie to get you on their mailing list or make you subscribe, but all you receive is a single preset that moves a slider slightly to one side.

So make sure you get your presets from a professional and check that they offer something more complex than what would be achievable by a beginner.

Another thing that you should consider is the type of photography you do. Make sure it matches the “before” image from the preset preview. This will ensure you get results similar to what you’re expecting. Otherwise, the effect might look great on the sample picture but won’t work on your own shots.

Finally, try to find presets that are customizable. This will allow you to create your own style instead of just replicating someone else’s. It will also make your presets more versatile, so you can use them on a wider variety of pictures.

Are presets worth it?

In my opinion, yes. Because they automate a part of your work, presets will save you a lot of time. Also, presets are a good way to keep your style consistent. This is very important for gaining followers, and it lets your clients know what they can expect from you far in advance.

Also, remember: If you want the benefits of presets but feel like none of the presets I’ve suggested fit your vision, you don’t have to use third-party presets. You can always make presets of your own!

The best Lightroom presets: final words

Now you know some of the best Lightroom presets available in 2023! These powerful tools can take your images from ordinary to extraordinary with just a few clicks, giving them that extra pop, mood, and timeless charm.

Whether you’re a portrait aficionado, a wedding wizard, or a landscape lover, there’s a preset pack for you. From the Clean Edit Portrait Workflow presets, which bring out colors while keeping things looking natural, to the Dark Moody presets that add atmosphere and mood to any shot, these presets offer endless possibilities.

Make sure you get the presets that will fit your type of photography and style – and have fun!

Now over to you:

Have you tried presets in the past? Do you have a favorite preset or preset pack? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Best Lightroom presets FAQ

Is it worth buying presets for Lightroom?

Yes. Many professionals offer high-quality presets that are a great investment; they’ll help you achieve the look that you want in your photos.

Do professional photographers use presets?

Yes. Some professionals create their own presets to save time when editing. Others use presets from professional retouchers. Photography and photo-editing are two separate skills and can be performed by two different professionals.

Can you use Lightroom presets for free?

Some of them are free, yes. Others cost money. Before downloading a preset, I recommend checking the preset terms and conditions.

Can I create my own presets?

Yes. A preset automates a set of image adjustments. Any Lightroom post-processing that you do can be saved as a preset and used in other photographs.

Can I use Lightroom presets on the mobile version?

Any preset that you have in Lightroom can be synced across devices. That way, you can download the best Lightroom presets and use them on your computer and your phone.

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