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It’s hard to believe Amazon Prime Day is winding down, but it isn’t over until that clock strikes midnight on the West Coast, which means there’s still time to get deals on all the top smartwatches and wearables. Currently, some of the top Android smartwatches – such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Google Pixel Watch – are being sold at massively discounted prices. However, if you’re seeking a different Wear OS smartwatch or a fitness-oriented tracker, we’ve compiled the best available deals for you to peruse right up until the big sale event ends.

Best deals

Source: Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Only a few models left!

$151 $280 Save $129

The best smartwatch to buy right now for the vast majority of Android users is the Galaxy Watch 5, and as part of Prime Day, it’s currently over $120 off at Amazon. That’s an unbeatable price, cheap enough to even let you forget Samsung has a successor on the way.

Fitbit Sense 2

If you bought a Fitbit in the past, you’d be stuck with the pretty poorly supported Fitbit Pay. One good thing to come from Google’s $2.1 billion buy out? After a delayed launch, Google Pay is now on its latest watches, and that includes the Fitbit Sense 2. Like Fitbit’s other products, the Sense 2 is a great watch for casual fitness seekers who need a bit of guidance from a brilliantly intuitive app. The Sense 2 is specifically about wellness, with sensors for temperature, stress and blood oxygen levels. It tracks activity, offers breathing exercises and has a week-long battery life. But Fitbit OS is a lot more limited than Wear OS, and bafflingly Fitbit has made it even more so for this generation, stripping features like music playback, WiFi and the app gallery. If it weren’t for Google Pay and Google Maps, there’d be a very good case for buying a Sense 1 instead.

Source: Google

Google Pixel Watch

$250 $350 Save $100

We’ve waited a long time for the Google Pixel Watch to drop to a reasonable price, as it launched at $350, well above the Galaxy Watch 5’s $280. Today, the Pixel Watch finally drops to $250, the price it should’ve been all along. You’ll need those savings to buy those proprietary bands and a screen protector to guard that curved glass against cracks and scrapes.

Source: Fitbit

Fitbit Sense 2

$230 $300 Save $70

The Fitbit Sense 2 is one of Fitbit’s newest smartwatches. It isn’t the best smartwatch/fitness tracker combo out there, but it often gets a steep price cut. This smartwatch normally retails for $299, but you can currently grab it off Amazon for $230.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

$182 $380 Save $198

The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic isn’t the newest or shiniest toy on the block, but it’s still a fantastic smartwatch, and you can usually find it for a solid price, especially on Prime Day. We’ve seen this watch drop as low as $199, which it currently sits at on Amazon. It typically retails for $380, so it’s already available at a solid price.

Source: Fitbit

Fitbit Charge 5

$100 $150 Save $50

The Fitbit Charge 5 is a durable health and fitness monitor that is lightweight and easy to wear. At only $100 for Prime Day, its the most affordable its ever been, too. It boasts impressive battery life, a sharp OLED screen, and numerous built-in sensors to accurately track your workouts. You can be sure of your progress without any guesswork.

As with any electronics purchase, there’s a lot to consider when you’re looking for a new fitness tracker or smartwatch. You’ll want to stick with some of the more well-known brands if you’re looking for a great smartwatch. These brands include Samsung, Garmin, and Google’s Pixel Watch and Fitbit lineups. You can also find some great value in Mobvoi’s Ticwatch collection, which offers some of the best non-Samsung Android smartwatches on the market.

Not all offer the same level of features or even the same compatibility with different third-party apps. For example, Samsung phones will offer more features for Samsung smartwatches, while those who want to get the best GPS accuracy will probably want to go with a smartwatch or tracker from Garmin instead.

Of course, some smartwatches, like those from Garmin and Mobvoi, might not work as well with Google apps, and some may not have as much access to the Play Store as others. Keep all this in mind when choosing a smartwatch, as you don’t want to drop a lot of money on something you can’t fully utilize. You’ll want to make sure you’re getting the best deal for what you’re buying, which is where we come in.

Galaxy Watch deals

Samsung’s lineup of Galaxy smartwatches continues to offer some of the strongest contenders, including the newer Galaxy Watch 5 and, of course, the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, which is still one of our favorites. During this year’s Prime Day, we’re seeing these watches drop back to all-time lows — or even drop below those prices.

While most of the smartwatches that Samsung offers are solid, the real ones you want to keep your eye on are the Galaxy Watch 5 and the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro — assuming you’re not holding out for the upcoming Galaxy Watch 6. Both of these devices offer fantastic features, and with the smaller Watch 5 down to just $160, it’s an unbeatable deal for wearable fans. Early deals are a little sparse right now but expect to see some updates here as we get closer to the big day. And with those savings, you can grab a stylish Watch 5 band to match.

For reference, here are the lowest prices on all three of our recommended Samsung watches prior to today’s sale:

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro: $360
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: $230
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic: $199

Pixel Watch and Fitbit deals

Google might be your go-to company if you’re not into Samsung’s offerings. In addition to the entire lineup of Fitbits, the Google Pixel Watch might be the deal to beat this Prime Day. At $100, this is an all-time low for Google’s first-party wearable. While it’s far from a flawless device, it’s easy to make up for those shortcomings at this price. That said, some buyers might prefer the Galaxy Watch 5 over the Pixel Watch, and with both devices discounted, it could be a tough decision.

The Pixel Watch isn’t the only smartwatch to keep your eye on this year, as Google has also been working hard to upgrade its Fitbit lineup and offer some fantastic fitness tracker/smartwatch combinations. This year, we’re seeing big discounts on some of the heavy hitters from the Fitbit lineup, including the Fitbit Sense 2 and the Fitbit Charge 5. If you’re after the cheapest device around, the Inspire 3 is down to just $80.

Of course, the Pixel Watch is still Google’s shining star, and while it’s been a huge success for Google, we expect to see some price drops this year. Here’s a look at the lowest prices we’ve seen for the Pixel Watch and some of the biggest Fitbit devices, so you can wait for drops at or below these prices before making the call:

  • Google Pixel Watch: $300
  • Fitbit Charge 5: $100
  • Fitbit Inspire 3: $80
  • Fitbit Versa 4: $147
  • Fitbit Luxe: $90

Garmin deals

If your fitness is usually focused on running above all else, you can’t beat Garmin’s lineup of watches. The Forerunner 745 is one of its best, and it’s nearly half off for Prime Day. At $280, it’s only a bit more expensive than Google’s Pixel Watch, but so much more capable at fitness tracking. Whether you’re hitting the treadmill, the track, or the open road, you can work out knowing your stats are accurate and detailed.

Mobvoi deals

Source: Mobvoi

Mobvoi TicWatch E3

Be sure to click the coupon

$130 $200 Save $70

Mobvoi’s TicWatch E3 costs $200 at retail and often goes on sale for less, making it one of the more affordable ways to try Wear OS. Its promised update to Wear OS 3 still hasn’t come, though, and it’s unclear when it will.

Mobvoi’s TicWatch lineup is one of the best non-Samsung options you can find, and while the company’s latest TicWatch Pro 5 isn’t on sale for Prime Day, the excellent TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra is. With ultra-long battery life and an update to Wear OS 3, this smartwatch is a great rival to Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. However, if you’re after something even more affordable, the TicWatch E3 is down to just $130 after you clip the on-page coupon. Not too bad as far as Prime Day deals go.

Fitness trackers deals

If you want to pick up a solid fitness tracker or smartwatch and don’t really care about grabbing a brand name, there are plenty of options from brands like Amazfit. The Amazfit lineup of smartwatches and fitness bands are already fairly cheap, with the Amazfit Band 7 coming in at just $40. If you’re after something a little more premium, though, both the GTS 4 and GTR Mini are on sale for Prime Day as low as $96. Not too shabby.

Of course, there are plenty of other gadgets on sale for Prime Day this week. Once you pick out your new smartwatch or fitness tracker, it might be the right time to pair one with a new smartphone for hundreds of dollars less than usual.

Source: Amazon

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Amazon Prime has long since evolved from the days when it merely offered free two-day shipping and a burgeoning library of original shows. Prime now includes a music service, one of the most robust TV show and movie streaming services on the market, unique deals for its members — like free Twitch subscriptions and exclusive Whole Foods discounts — plus access to exclusive deals, especially on Amazon’s unofficial-official holiday: Prime Day.

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