It’s time for spiritual restoration and creative expansion. As we round out Cancer season, we’re welcoming a much-needed change of pace. Mars, the planet of action, began a six-week transit in Virgo last week, and Mercury is continuing its two-week transit through the sign of Leo. This Earth-Fire combo sparks a blend of intellect and action in our minds and in our lives. The highlight of this week is the Cancer new moon occurring at 2:32 p.m. EST on July 17. This occurs on the same day that the lunar nodes switch out of the Taurus-Scorpio axis and enter the Libra-Aries axis. The next year and a half will feel karmically lighter and more expansive as a result of this shift, and all zodiac signs would benefit from focusing on living in the moment rather than trying to project themselves into the future. Venus begins its six-week retrograde in Leo on July 22 at 9:33 p.m. EST, signaling a time for introspection and reexamination of one’s core values. Less than twenty minutes later, the Sun enters Leo for the next four weeks. This Leo season will have a cosmic twist to it due to the energy of Venus retrograde asking us to be boldly honest with ourselves and learn from our past. What need for social approval can you do your best to release at this time? This week encourages us to direct our attention to intimately approving of our own selves, right here, right now, without seeking external validation. Validate yourself instead.

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Aries Sun & Rising:

Aries, Chiron’s ongoing retrograde in your sign amplifies your sensitivity and your overall sense of imagination when it comes to reconnection. The asteroid of healing and pain is helping you retrace key patterns in your past so that you can make wiser and more evolved decisions moving forward. Once the North Node enters your sign on Monday 17th, you’ll feel your healing journey picking up its pace, and you’ll be an example for others over the course of the next year and a half. As a contrast to that fiery energy, your planetary ruler Mars’ transit through Virgo activates your sector of wellness and service. You may initially feel like your passion projects are coming to a screeching halt under this Earth-based Mars transit. On top of this, Venus begins its retrograde in Leo in your sector of dating and fun, and that could lead to you re-evaluating your romantic and creative priorities. These two transits will teach you the art of mindfulness, meditation, and appreciating life’s simple pleasures.

Taurus Sun & Rising:

Jupiter’s presence through your sign has enlightened you to new and profound ways of loving and seeing yourself, Taurus. And this week’s Cancer new moon has purifying energy that can lead to you experiencing a catharsis of sorts, as you express your deepest emotions through a creative outlet. The North Node finishes its year and a half long journey through your sign on the 17th, meaning you’ve made it through a cosmic rite of passage and you’re about to reap the rewards. Celebrate your evolution! You did that.
Life may feel more unpredictable for you this week now that the North Node enters Aries, through. Mercury’s stay in Leo is also amping up your bossier side, as well as your fixed and stubborn behavior. Instead of burning bridges, tap into Mars in Virgo’s grounding energy to check yourself before you wreck yourself, or any of the valuable relationships you’ve been cultivating, Taurus.
Keep in mind that your planetary ruler Venus begins its in Leo on the 22nd, so you may have less patience than usual when navigating the highs and lows of your relationships. Take it breath by breath.

Gemini Sun & Rising:

Gemini, your planetary ruler Mercury’s presence in Leo is amping up your communication sector and making you more driven and ambitious, especially creatively. This is an ideal week for shooting your shot at work or pitching an idea to higher-ups — people are listening to you and are appreciative of your leadership skills. Monday’s Cancer new moon will help you set clear intentions for where you see yourself six months from now.
With the North Node entering Aries on July 17th for the next year and a half, your sector of community and social networks is receiving a cosmic boost — this is a great time for tapping into your friendship groups for divine opportunities.
Take your time when decision-making though, as Mars, the planet of action, is in your fellow Mercury-ruled sign of Virgo on the 10th for the next five weeks. You’d benefit from pacing yourself when making domestic decisions. You may feel inspired to renovate, relocate, or redecorate, but if you try to take on too much at once you’ll feel overwhelmed and won’t commit to seeing the project through. Instead, break any home related endeavors down into smaller, actionable items, and you’ll feel motivated to keep the momentum going.

Cancer Sun & Rising:

Happy new moon week, Cancer! The new moon is taking place in your sign at 2:32pm EST, so take time to set specific intentions that can catapult you to the next stage of your life. Your relationship with yourself is likely to evolve for the better due to this new moon, and this is also due to the North Node entering Aries and the South Node entering Libra on the same day as the new moon. You’ll feel bolder, braver, and more ambitious.
Mercury’s continued transit through Leo lights up your sector of money and self-esteem, encouraging you to do a much-needed review of your financial accounts, while also making sure you’re not attributing your value to how much money you see in your bank account. The nodal shifts to the Aries-Libra axis will further help you reprogram your mind to tap into your multiple levels of abundance.
Meanwhile, Mars’ continued transit through Virgo provides you with a sense of stability and structure after six-weeks of mayhem during Mars’ transit through fiery Leo. Use these next six weeks to fine-tune what your priorities are — the more you’re able to simplify your lifestyle, the more clarity will enter and remain in your life.

Leo Sun & Rising:

Leo, Monday’s Cancer new moon highlights your sector of healing and spirituality, making you feel more vulnerable than you’re used to. The new moon harmonizes with Mars in Virgo, helping bring softness and structure to your life. Think back to how much you’ve changed since the end of May 2023, when Mars was about to enter your sign. It may feel like it’s been lifetimes since then. This new moon week is about celebrating how much you’ve grown, especially now that the lunar nodes are shifting to the Aries-Libra axis for a year and a half.
Venus begins its six-week retrograde through your sign on the 22nd, and you’ll be very much attuned to this transit, as people from your past are likely to surface and demand your attention. Be discerning of who deserves to be in your orbit and why.
With Mercury, the planet of communication, now in your sign, don’t be surprised if you hear your name in other people’s mouths much more often this week. You’re the cosmic favorite right now, and while some people are likely to be happy for you, this energy also attracts your share of haters. It’s the name of the game. Know yourself and trust yourself through any perceived drama and let your actions speak for themselves.

Virgo Sun & Rising:

Virgo, when you combine the energy of Mercury in Leo with this week’s Cancer new moon, your mental focus is on your spirituality and your healing journey, and you may feel more meditative, yet also restless, this week. These transits will have you evaluating moments when you’ve sacrificed your own needs to benefit others, and why. With Venus beginning its retrograde in Leo on the 22nd, you’d benefit from nipping any self deprecating behavior in the bud. Set intentions that affirm you and all that you have to offer.
Mars’ presence through your sign helps you feel more sensitive to what’s going on within your body, and your mind. To avoid getting caught up in overthinking, you’d benefit from integrating a regular meditation or mindfulness practice to your daily routine if you don’t yet do so. Engaging in a digital detox may also benefit you, as it will allow you to be more present and self-aware, which will lead to a significant evolution by the time Mars enters Libra on August 27th.

Libra Sun & Rising:

Libra, with the Cancer new moon striking as the week begins, you’re likely to feel more in tune with your intuition this week. The only thing is, other people are also going to feel drawn to you on a psychic level, which could lead to them surfacing in your dreams or subconscious quite prominently. Instead of brushing away the messages coming from your subconscious, pull out your journal or a tarot card and get curious about what you’re meant to face, learn, or experience.
The South Node, symbol of our karmic past, enters your sign on the 17th after a year and a half stay in Scorpio. You’ll notice yourself being drawn to bettering yourself and weeding out toxic energy from your subconscious mind. This will take time, so start off the week being kind to yourself as you embark on this journey of shadow work, from a more light-hearted place.
Keep in mind that Mars, the planet of action, is currently in Virgo. This transit makes you more self-critical and may highlight insecurities. If this week you’re suddenly less interested in social outings and more interested in studying the intricacies of your natal chart, it’s very much on brand with Mars in Virgo’s energy. Unwind, meditate, and relax.

Scorpio Sun & Rising:

Scorpio, the South Node, symbol of our karmic past, finishes its year and a half long transit through your sign on Monday — the same day as the Cancer new moon. You’re likely to feel like a snake who’s shed its skin. You’ve made it through one of the most spiritually tumultuous periods of your life, and now you are reborn.
With your planetary ruler Mars adjusting to its current transit through Virgo, you’ll notice that the pace of your life starts to slow down, and this benefits you and your mental health tremendously. Just be careful that you don’t end up filling your day with busywork as a result of the slower pace. Learn to simply be in the moment and enjoy not having too much on your plate — resist the urge to pile more responsibilities for the sake of feeling productive.
You may not be in much of a social mood this week due to Venus’ retrograde in Leo beginning on the 22nd. Instead of launching brand new initiatives, this week’s energy is best for reflecting on past goals that you have yet to meet, and reconfiguring a new strategy to better reap the benefits of your previous investments, including the investments you’ve made in your relationships. You’re majorly leveling up. Love this for you!

Sagittarius Sun & Rising:

Sagittarius, the north node, symbol of our higher destiny, is finally leaving Taurus, and the south node is rounding out its stay in Scorpio on the 17th — the same day as the Cancer new moon. Your ability to face your shadows has deepened tremendously during this transit, and now that the nodes are entering the Aries-Libra axis for the next year and a half, you may be able to make amends with someone you previously had a falling out with. It will provide you with a sense of closure and healing that you didn’t know you needed, but that you’ll be very grateful for.
As a contrast to the lunar fresh start, a part of you will feel moodier and more self protective this week due to the current Mars in Virgo transit, especially when it comes to your career initiatives. Venus begins its retrograde in Leo on the 22nd and this transit may initially throw you off and dampen your motivation.
However Mercury’s presence in Leo is encouraging you to pursue your passions this new moon week, especially if it’s something that’s been speaking to you for quite some time. Go for it, Sag. If you take the step-by-step approach, you’re likely to hit the jackpot.

Capricorn Sun & Rising:

Capricorn, with Mercury now in Leo on the 11th, your sector of depth, mergers, and other people’s money is activated for the next two weeks. This is an ideal time to apply for a business or creative grant, especially concerning a project or passion you’ve been wanting to pursue for quite some time. Venus’ retrograde starts on the 22nd and this can help reorient you toward the paths that light you up. Mercury’s presence in Leo may push you out of your comfort zone by encouraging you to boldly go after what you want in the present moment.
At the same time, With Mars now in your fellow Earth sign of Virgo, and the lunar nodes entering the Aries-Libra axis, you’re likely to feel a push and pull between putting yourself out there (due to the North Node in Aries and Mercury and Venus in Leo) and playing it safe (due to Mars in Virgo and Pluto’s retrograde through your sign). The key is to not overthink it. If your intuition tells you to take a calculated risk this week, it’s most likely going to pay off.

Aquarius Sun & Rising:

Aquarius, you may find yourself noticing pertinent financial details this week — pay attention to what you find. Mars is in Virgo for the next five weeks, amping up your sector of mergers and collaborations. The more discerning you can be regarding who you share money, or information about money with, the more easily you’ll be able to navigate the plot twists of this transit. This isn’t necessary a time of expansion for you, but rather a time of boundary-setting. The Cancer new moon on the 17th, combined with the lunar nodes’ shift into Aries and Libra, will help you view boundaries as a form of love.
Fortunately, Mercury’s two-week transit through Leo adds excitement and spontaneity to your social interactions, so even if you have to pay more attention to mundane matters during Mars in Virgo, you’ll also maintain your sense of humor and your flirtatious nature, making life feel like a movie that’s being scripted and directed by you. The one caveat? Venus is preparing to go retrograde in Leo on the 22nd, so not all of your jokes or comments will be taken well, so keep that in mind before saying something potentially destructive.

Pisces Sun & Rising:

Pisces, this week’s energy encourages mindfulness in your most intimate relationships. The Cancer new moon strikes on the 17th, infusing you with a heightened intuition, imagination, and sex drive. It harmonizes with the planet Mars, which is currently in Virgo. Since Virgo is your opposite sign of the zodiac, this week you’ll feel more attuned to the minute details in your conversations and interactions with others. You’re able to sense both what is being said and what’s not being said, allowing you to communicate telepathically with those closest to you.
Meanwhile, Venus’ retrograde in Leo starting July 22nd may increase your self-critical nature, as your sector of service and wellness is activated by this transit. Whenever you catch yourself getting caught up in limiting beliefs, find ways to redirect your thoughts to the best-case scenario instead of imagining the worse ones. During Venus’ six-week retrograde not everything will be as it seems. It’s time to take off the rose-colored glasses and face your life head-on. It’s only then that you’ll be able to make necessary changes.

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