Sorting a channel’s videos by oldest will be possible once again

YouTube is undoubtedly one of the most feature-packed video streaming services out there, with things like time-specific sharable links and keyboard shortcuts. But its biggest sore point remains the number of useful features that Google keeps dropping. Last year, YouTube got rid of playback speed controls from Android TV along with the handy option to sort a channel’s videos by oldest. But now it looks like the latter is at least making a comeback after all.


Both the YouTube website and the app have for years supported sorting videos inside a channel. It is set to the latest videos by default, but you can sort them by their view count as well to glance at the most popular content from a channel. YouTube also used to have a third option that lets you see the oldest videos from a channel without having to scroll endlessly to reach the bottom of the list.

YouTube called the removal of the option a bug for the longest time, but it finally confirmed in a creator event in October that it had deprecated the sorting method. The only option users were left with was to do those tiresome manual scrolls, which aren’t even possible on YouTube’s phone app as it stops loading new content after a few scrolls.

But surprisingly, a few Reddit users have started seeing the option to sort a channel’s videos by oldest on their YouTube app. As shown in the screenshots above, there is a new “Oldest” chip along with the other two sorting options, and it works as expected.

It even showed up for us on the YouTube app version 18.23.35, but installing this app version wouldn’t guarantee that you will start seeing the button. In fact, some users have noticed that the oldest sorting button is currently limited to certain channels and isn’t available on the web, too.

YouTube hasn’t yet confirmed if this is merely a limited test or a slow server-side rollout. While we hope it’s the latter since it’s such a handy tool, we wouldn’t hold our breath until the feature is rolled out more widely.

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